Tonga Charters offers island trips, game fishing, snorkeling, spearfishing, whale watching and more. All in the pristine waters surrounding the Kingdom of Tonga.


Tonga has a beautiful array of both soft and hard corals. We will take you out to beautiful clear waters where marine life abounds - full of bright and colorful aquatic life.

The trip consists of a short boat ride out to the reef where snorkeling conditions are at there best

Price: T$ 500 per group
Details: 4 to 5 hours

Game fishing


Enjoy hearing the reel scream after a powerful Wahoo smashes the lure, or the almost never-ending power a billfish. What about the dazzling flips of a Mahi mahi! Think its only pelagic action? Guess again! Dogtooth heaven! GT-ville! And the rest of the reefy gang snappers, groupers etc.

With deep waters and and massive seamounts, Tonga is a perfect place to fish! Our sport fishing adventures are either half or full day trips.

Half Day: T$ 1000 per group
Details: 5 hours

Full Day: T$ 1800 per group
Details: 10 hours



Spearfishing is one of our specialties! We have tried our hand at all kinds of ocean sports/adventures and never found anything more exhilarating than battling a powerful game fish underwater! All the tropical species that you have dreamed of spearing can be found here inTonga! Some of the local favorites are the job fish, groupers, and GT’s. We can also take you to some of our favorite fishing grounds or we can target specific game fish if you desire- such as: Dogtooth tuna, Giant trevally, Grouper, Snapper, or pelagic fish. We offer half day and full day excursions.

Price: T$ 1000 per group — ½ day, 5 hours
T$ 1800 per group — full day

Whale watching


Tonga is an excellent spot for those wanting to see humpback whales up close! These magnificent creatures are in our waters during the Tongan winter months (June-October) where they give birth to their young. It is a breathtaking sight to see a calf leaping in the air alongside his truly massive parents!

Half Day: T$ 1000 per group
Details: 4 to 5 hours

Other deserted island trips and island adventures


Didn’t see your “adventure” listed? If it has to do with the ocean or island, just ask!

Group Rates/Discounts


I offer discounted rates for multiple day adventures and/or large groups. Questions? Just ask!